Mission Statements

Staff Mission Statement

Hillcrest Park staff commits and desires to put owners and residents first by providing a safe and clean environment, first by providing a safe and clean environment., responding quickly to issues, and working to understand the needs of the community. We will provide the best experience within our power to bring the community together by respecting them and theirs homes the same as if they were our own homes.

Administrative Mission Statement

To be a quality example of the services Hillcrest Park HOA provides and to make lasting first impressions to new residents and owners as well as actively working to improve relationships with current residents to create an engaging sense of community. We seek to do this by listening to concerns, treating those concerns seriously, and responding quickly to the needs of our community. We seek to have patience with each resident and respect that they are unique individuals. We seek to fulfill these goals through meaningful activities for all ages and demographics.

Security Mission Statement

Hillcrest Park is an exclusive and peaceful community as such our mission as Security is to maintain and improve a crime-free environment by providing a strong security presence. Our Objectives include: -Ensuring the property is safe and secure. -Any concerns from residents will be heard, documented, and investigated. -A strict enforcement of HOA rules, regulations, and parking enforcement will be allied. -A quick and prompt security response whether from a security call, observation or radio. To accomplish these objectives, security will patrol the property perimeter and all buildings to reduce and prevent criminal activity.

Maintenance Mission Statement

To work as a cohesive and cooperative team, eliminate health and safety hazard, while maintaining and updating our property to the highest standards. We take pride in our community and our jobs while seeking to treat residents and other staff with kindness, fairness, integrity, respect and compassion, as well as fostering those attitudes throughout the community we serve. This allows us to apply our passion to contribute to the needs of others while using our collective skills and creativity to prevent and solve problems.

Board Statements


The Board’s primary objective is to ensure the safety and tranquility of the Hillcrest Park community. We will strive to address the needs, concerns, and goals, of our community and staff in order to foster a positive environment that allows us all to achieve our full potential while maximizing our property values.


Our vision is to create and preserve an inspiring environment by effectively and efficiently managing the association, thus, proiding a higher quality of life for family, friends, and community. We envision a desirable place to livie, built by a highly motivated team, working together to consistently raise the bar for multi-family living.


In fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision we value honestly, fairness, firmness, equity, common sense, participation, respect, cooperation, respect, transparency, financial, stability, and teamwork in all our actions.