Launch of the Website, February Newsletter, Online Payments, & More!

Hello everyone!

Its been an exciting past week for Hillcrest Park. Here’s just a few new things that have happened. We have finally overhauled the website to make sure it has a modern look. No more throwback to the early 2000’s. On the topic of a new contemporary look, we have a newly designed newsletter that you can see here. Also, a completely online payment system (so we can catch up to the 21st century). And finally have enrolled everyone in a text alert messaging system, so we can let everyone get quick announcements about events, announcements, and warnings. There’s way too much to talk about specifically to each one, so if you have questions please visit our F.A.Q. or click the link above to see the newsletter. I anyone has any comments, questions, or concerns please email me at

(P.S. Keep an eye out for another announcement for a movie night and the March newsletter later this week)


Sergio Baca, Director of Activities