How can we rent out a unit?

We are a Home Owners Association, thus the renting out of the private condominiums is done by the owners. You can see what units may be available by the private owners online by looking on Zillow.

Why am getting text alerts?

Everyone that has registered with us in the office and a phone number on file had been automatically enrolled in this program. If you wish to no longer receive text alerts, please respond to the text and say that you want to be opted out, or send an email to . If you are not in the program and wish to be, please reach out to the email said above.

How can I make payments online?

You can make payments online by clicking the one of the navigation buttons above that says “Pay HOA Fees” and it will take you to PayLease. If you have never registered before, you must put your four digit unit number where it says account number (Note: if your unit only has 3 digits, please add a zero before your unit number). Keep in mind that PayLease charges you a 3% transaction fee and a.2.95 convenience fee. These fees go solely to PayLease, not the HOA.

Where can I see this month’s newsletter?

You can see this month’s newsletter and previous newsletters by going to the Latest News page.

How do I submit Work Orders?

The best way to fill out a work order is to call maintenance! The phone number is 505-280-0076 . You can also send the office an email at

What does the Mail/Packages delivery system like?

To start off, we do not have keys to anyone’s mail. The only people that do are the owners of the unit and the post office. The box key(s) are issued by the US postal service and are located at 6255 San Antonio DR NE, you may call them at 505-346-1230. All the mail is delivered to mailboxes at the back of the lot, in front of the clubhouse.

For larger packages that cannot be left in your mailbox will be sent to the HOA office. We will sign for you and hold onto the item until you or an authorized person will sign for them. You also may contact security outside of office hours to receive your package at any time (Security phone number: (505)-417-3178

Can I renting out the Club House?

We allow all our residents to rent out the clubhouse whenever they wish! We require a $100 deposit and $50 on the day of. At the end of the day you will be refunded your $100 deposit, as long as they left the Club House in good condition.

I am switching to Satellite TV, how do I go about the installation?

Our only rule regarding the switch is that the provider that you are switching to CANNOT add a new dish. The HOA has ensured that there are more than enough satellites to accommodate all providers. Your new provider must send a technician must come and connect a line from the already established TV dishes to your unit. If there is not already a line connected. Any questions regarding this, please reach out the HOA office.


Many of you may have noticed we have began strictly enforcing our parking rules. At Hillcrest, we want to promote a safe and secure environment for our residents. As such, here are a few guidelines that will help you avoid parking tickets, a boot or a tow.

  • All visitors that stay overnight must get a parking pass from the office, or call security at night.

  • Everyone that is parking is a numbered spot must have a valid resident parking permit.

  • Everyone must have valid registration.

  • To get a resident parking pass, you must have your licence, registration, and insurance.

***If you require more time to procure a valid licence, registration, and/or insurance, please contact the office and we may extend the deadline before you get a boot/tow.***


Hours of Operation

Hillcrest Park Home Owners Association’s office hours are:

Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Pool/Hot Tub hours:

7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Gym & Sauana hours of operation:

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.